Thursday, June 24, 2010 12:32:00 PM
Did not have the time to upload blog these day. Packed schedule this week, like really luh.

Monday morning went to run some errand and back home in the afternoon.
After that down to store, pass Wei Yang his prezzie! ;) Crumpler camera bag. Joining the crumpler gang! Coolio.
And, down to KNC to meet Kit for Zenith Zeal game.
Dinner at KFC with the girls then cab back with Brandy as she's heading to her new flat.

Tuesday was movie day.
Li jiao had got award thingy to attend, therefore I replaced her slot for movie.
Watched Toy Story 3, was rather weird actually luh :/
But after that it was okay ;) Sat at the 3rd row please, for the first time in my life, I sat right at the front for movie sia! And it's an hour two movie. Poor neck.
Toy Story 3 was awesome, really.
Didn't know it's such a nice movie actually hehe ;) Enjoyed myself though. Rate ***** :)
Dinner at The Chicken Rice Shop then walk around, enjoy the scenery at Vivo there then trained homeeee. Awesome night!

Wednesday met the girls at Amk hub for grocery shopping! :)
Me Angeline Esther & Li jiao.
The usual one luh huh, haha. Dinner at food-court then went to Xtra fairprice for our groceries ;)
Buy quite a lot of food for steamboat session.
prawns chicken mushroom vegetables hot-dogs fish-ball dumpling crab-meat corn.
ti-bits and drink tooooo! :)
went for payment then cabbed to Angeline's place, the woodland one.
nice siol the house really really, explore then stay there till 1000 and home.
walked to MRT station a lil' far luh huh, 10mins?

morning went to Selegie to run some errands then down to Ama4 for CL workshop.
very rushing there today & i took a total of 6 cabs in a day! :/
went home changed then off to meet the 2 boys, Wei Yang & Yong Keng.
Off to Admiralty to buy some more meat and drink then to Angeline's place.
Raymond joined us for dinner too, + the usual bunch of us and Yong Keng ;) ;)
Steamboat session, well organized.
I believed we had fun luh, then the food was awesome okay! Lol.
we sing play joke laugh and did everything funny.
left her place about 12mn and cab home again.
got followed by a fucking black cat, nbcb irritating much please.

i gonna miss my silly girl, very much ): ):
gonna spend my time wisely.
everything gonna be alright, hugs! ^^

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 2:37:00 PM
old liao, old liao nineteen this year.
both the Lunar Birthday (chines) 初五 & English birthday! Cool horr.
everyone's busy ): but they done the advanced one for me.
I miss guinea pig ):

Look at his smile, with the lovely dimple! ;)
dearest nephew Jayden so bright.
our handsome boy!

Photo speaks a thousand words! :D

Once again was the SRA3 crew outing! It's at Sentosaaaaa!
new plan. new place. new environment. new food. new people. new managers.
everything was perfect except for the blazing sun that makes the aunties nag non-stop.
but at least we manage to organize a different outing for the crews ;)

most of them do enjoy and they just playing around by themselves.
not forgetting our games organizer did a great job too.
we have cameras around snapping the joy the crew having and also the celebration for JUNE babies ;) Awesome!
oh haha! I'm one of them okay, hehe! Feel the warmth by the SRA3 who sang birthday song along. Isn't it great? We are one big family!

this is only a few pictures I am uploading. After mw's upload the rest I will elaborate the event on the day yea? Stay tuned! :D

It's rather mini but it's SRA3 family! :D

the youngster stay united baby! :D

Ah ma Siew Kim grandson, so cute right? :)
(from R to L) - Yangyang Me Xuanxuan.

Saturday, 12.06.10

Finally met up with the secondary cliques! ;)
Awesome meet up and we went to Marina Barradge for kite flying session.
Despite knee not in good condition, but I didn't give it a miss.

Meet up with Sixu and saw Audrey in the bus.
Met Caijia & Woonyee at AMK station and train to Marina Bay.
Waited for Eugene, walked bused to Marina Barrdage.
Abit suan gu luh me, cause never go before mah!
Nice scenery, Nice weather!
Had advanced birthday celebration by them ;) thank you!
did 2 belated and 2 advanced, AWESOME.
& i swear secondary cliques are always the best.
we had sandwiches, ti-bits, hot-dogs,, drinks and not forgetting kite flying.
but I sat there luh, no fly kite, later the kite fly me uh! haha.

after that went to PC fair, cab to Suntec and meet up with Peter.
walked around. leg was tired man haha.
soon around 1630 I make a move first. after all, i enjoyed the meet up session! ;)

Before leaving Marian Barradge.

Group photo! ;)


beloved Sixu & Jameson pet! Lol.
beloved QAD & Sixu. Our first threesome photo! :D

Friday, 11.06.10

Birthday celebration from classmates, NR0906.
Jan - June babies ;)
the first advanced celebration received. thanks classmate for organizing ;)

poly-mates :)
absence Yi Hui, Syarhin, Narvin, Siti.
some more missing cannot remember luh, lol.

Monday, June 7, 2010 4:57:00 AM
tiring weekend, but at least i enjoyed myself :)
I really do, cause I miss everyone there.
fellow workers, managers & riders, haha! they are awesome bunch of friends you know! :D
- shhhhhhhhh -

always enjoyed talking to silly girl! :)

school today was tiring, really.
1000-1800, holy shit.
long day bodoh plus yesterday Sunday was terrible too.
thank you Miss Dorothy for sending me back home.
she's superb sweet I swear. I have my reason saying this luh (:
home kinda early and now I am going to meet sister at Kovan for dinner already.

I am sorry knee.
I seriously don't meant to hurt you.
I know I overuse you, and I injured you again and again.
After op I am still not cherishing my knee well.
I really hate myself for hurting you, I really do ):
But no matter how hard I need to work in life, I always tell myself I 我吃的起苦.
Allowing myself to work harder no matter what.
Pain is nothing to me!

May God Bless Me! :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010 11:42:00 PM
I'm damn exhausted NOW! Like NOW NOW NOW! Really man.
I need sleep. And, I will sleep early tonight, I promise :)

Went down to mac yesterday to have discussion for Crew Outing 10'.
haha, I was just helping what I can luh.
& had discussion with Angeline Esther Diana Li Jiao & Wei Ting, for about half and hour to an hour like that. Everything settled :)
saw Miao Wen, she came and buy McCafe drink with her friends.

After meeting, went to Amkhub.
Were supposed to go Kbox de, but the room was all occupied laaaa. Therefore, going only at 2200 loh, where the previous batch will finish their singing session.
Actually having dinner at LJS, but the air con was tmd hot -.-"
So went to Popeyes to eat. Had mashed potato + a drink, while the girls have their 2pcs chicken meal :) Haha. I was asked to eat but this time I am saved.
Damn full la, must be the packet of noodle I ate at 5pm.
Walked to BigMac center to buy dinner for sister then cabbed home, cause I was lazy.
Skipped the Kbox session with the girls ):
But I decided to wait for them finish singing at home la :)

Home watched tv. Was tired. But need the determination.
Find my bestf, xinmsn for accompany, watch With You, passed few episode la.
0200 was really hard to wait I tell you, cause is like doing nothing.
Online. Watch show. Msn.
Soon, guinea pig called, when I was just about to sms her.
talked for awhile until she reached home safely then text her.
haha, i'm good okay wait for her to reach home safely, I this 好朋友 go where find :)
self praise myself. haha. at least she's home safely la.
chat for quite a few things though.
slept at about 0400 and wake her at 0645. yawns!

school today at 0900, I am damn tired manxz.
insufficient of sleep. holy me.
and school was bored please, like i have 2 hours interval la, before lab starts at 1600 and end at 1800. the 2 hours break did nothing lah -.-" lame.
after school, circle line down to store.
find Diana to show her the foodtalks thingy. saw guinea pig.
but looks rather upset idk why ):
finally Wei Ting go thru' PR with me, FINALLY hor.
met sister at Serangoon then home sweet home.